Frank Moshe

Data Science, Complex Networks and Watercolors

Hello, my name is Frank Moshe. I am a data scientist working in the intersection of machine learning, cryptocurrency, datasets and networks. I did my PhD studies at the National Institute for Space Research, in Brazil, where my research focused on measuring changes in temporal datasets via complex networks.

Before starting my PhD in 2015, I received my Master’s Degree of Complex Systems Modeling at University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil. There I developed a master equation model of epidemics in complex networks, under supervision of Prof. Masayuki O. Hase. Besides my academic career, I also studied Portrait and Human Figure for 4 years at The National Museum of Lima (MALI), in Peru, under guidance of Prof. Jorge Flores.

Also, in my free time I work on developing side projects, listening to classical music, painting watercolors, playing the violin or ocarina, and reading news.

Get in contact via email: or Telegram: @FrankMoshe

For more details, please look at my curriculum vitae